I love this place. The owner is knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. I plan to continue after my Groupon is complete.

Dawn C.

My first time taking a Pilates class. Lordes is an awesome instructor. She was very patient, pleasant and ensured that all attendees did the exercises correctly and as a group. I Highly recommend this class.

Linda B.

Lourdes is such an incredible teacher. Every movement is explained in detail prior to you being allowed to do the exercise. An amazing experience every session!

MaryAnn C.

A warm, calming, cozy atmosphere to do some really hard and effective work with a very knowledgeable instructor.

Lori H.

First exercise class I’ve been to in a long time that I really look forward to going back again. Lourdes is patient and explains new moves without rushing. Each class has something new and challenging. Loving it!

L. G.

Empower Pilates opened earlier this year with an experienced Pilates owner/instructor behind the helm. Lourdes had a deep back ground in Pilates and Gyro. As someone who has taken Pilates on and off for 15 years, I find this studio to be a relaxed environment for working out. Lourdes consciously varies her workouts each week. Let her know in advance if you are a beginner or experienced and she will steer you to the classes that will best meet your needs. Note: some classes tend to have regulars that are more advanced, but she is always will to provide modifications. Even as someone experienced at Pilates, I had knee surgery and as I was released to do Pilates again, she advised me on which classes to take and provided modifications.
With all of his in mind, I find Lourdes to be a wonderful, caring and tremendously knowledgeable instructor and empower Pilates is a clean environment with lots of equipment and small classes (no more than 6 students per class). I highly recommend the location!


I purchased a Groupon to attend Empower pilates and it was the best money I have ever spent! I would highly recommend Empower Pilates. Instructor, Lourdes, is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I have tried several different types of exercise regimens and pilates is the only one that I have been attending dutifully. Lourdes, helps each student achieve their fitness goals. The environment at Empower is warm and inviting. At Empower I enjoy that each class is always different and provides a new challenge every time. Attending classes at Empower I have discovered muscles I didn’t know existed and I have found that my body is stronger, flexible and more toned. What’s more amazing is that pilates has provided me relief from back pain. Another, positive facet of Empower is its social element. I am amazed at how friendly and supportive everyone is at this studio. My time at Empower has changed my life both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Empower Pilates for its positive environment and amazing instructor. I really can’t say enough good things about this studio!

Renee Lopez

I also found this at Groupon, which I never check!!! that must have been my lucky day. Four years looking for a Pilate studio with equipment (Lourdes has them all) and a good, knowledgeable instructor. Best thing that happened to me in 2017.

Maria Andrea Galvez Walpole de Magan

First timer and Lourdes was very skilled at getting me up to speed and then moving right into full workouts. She very good at explaining what/how to do the moves. Love her!

Moss Tryer

I took the 3 private lessons since I was new to Pilates and have been going to classes ever since! Love the results and now am addicted. Lourdes is an excellent instructor.

Eloise Doeren

A coworker told me about Empower Pilates… Wow. What a great experience! I’ve done Pilates group mat classes, but I really wanted to try an equipment class. I’m totally hooked! Lourdes is a remarkable teacher and trainer—incredibly positive and encouraging (and so much fun). She individualizes and modifies instruction to meet student needs, and I feel challenged and supported in every class. I love this place!

Virginia Schultz

Great workout that I look forward to (and this is from someone who doesn’t usually workout). The instructor is very knowledgeable and friendly. Easy to schedule classes online. Highly recommend.

Rachel Davis McGlumphy

Lourdes is awesome!!! I love how she challenges me every session!

Mindy Yzaguirre

I am new to Pilates and I LOVE it!!! Lourdes is a fantastic instructor and makes you feel welcome. So glad I took advantage of this Groupon!

Nancy C.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any exercise that I actually look forward to. I finally found it! Lourdes is wonderful!

Lauren Gayle

Very nice Pilates studio. The facility is pristine and the instructor is very welcoming. I had never taken equipment classes before so I signed up for private sessions via the newcomer special. The equipment classes are a lot more fun and effective than Pilates mat classes that I’ve taken elsewhere in the past. However, it’s possible that even mat classes might be fun here because the instructor is so great! She varies the exercises every time and has a huge arsenal knowledge to draw from. At the end of the hour, I feel I’ve had a challenging workout, yet time seems to have flown by.

Alisa Tannirat

From the first time that I attended Empower Pilates Studios several months ago, I have been enthusiastically recommending Lourdes’ reformer classes to everyone that I know. She is a highly capable and skilled instructor who attracts the nicest clients. The studio is lovely and filled with the latest equipment. My bi-weekly sessions are consistently fun and varied. Great results!

Maritza Stewart

I’ve been taking Pilates Reformer classes with Lourdes for over a year. I absolutely love her classes and her approach. She makes our workouts fun and effective. No class is ever the same. Some classes can be rigid and repetitive Not Lourdes’ classes. And, the results are amazing. I am so much stronger and firmer.

Janelle E.

Pilates makes possible all the other activities I do. It keeps me flexible and works all the underused opposing muscle groups I need to stay strong and injury free. Lourdes is a particularly excellent instructor due to her training in multiple modalities and ability to adapt exercises to your ability level.


I added Pilates to my fitness routine several years ago and what a huge difference it has made in my strength, posture, flexibility and overall health.

Want to add strength, flexibility, muscle toning, lengthening & sculpting to your current fitness routine too?
Lourdes Avitia is a top notch Pilates instructor. Her warm, caring approach makes you feel comfortable the minute you arrive in her studio.

Lourdes’ sessions are personalized and unique to your abilities and utilizes all the different Pilates equipment – you’ll never get bored!

Group classes are fun and everyone works at their own level. It’s a “no judge” environment and we all support each other.

Here’s your chance to add Pilates to your life!

Valarie Brown-Lopez

Lourdes is one of the most skillful, patient, and knowledgeable instructors I’ve had. She always challenges you and makes sure you get everything you want from your workout. She makes sure you leave feeling aligned and looking better! Her studio is beautiful! The classes are always fun and energetic. Thank you Lourdes!


Lourdes has helped me emotionally and physically!!
“I have been doing pilates with Lourdes for 3 years already and it has become a part of my daily routine. Lourdes encourages and motivates me to perform to my full potential. She provides you with a lot of feedback for good form to help achieve maximum results. My core is so much stronger since I’ve started pilates and the results were much quicker than all the years of going to the gym.
I highly recommend ‘Pilates by Lourdes’!”


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